Monday, June 27, 2016

Ex-Voto for the Miracle of a Kind Tree

Embroidered ex voto

I have been inspired in the past by Mexican retablos - folk-art images painted on tin or wood thanking Catholic holy figures for miracles received - and by the embroidered version of these ex-votos (offerings of gratitude), from San Miguel de Allende called milagros. See earlier work I've done along these lines by following this link: Ex-Votos.

Recently, while in Chiapas, I received via email the details of a miracle experienced by a little girl I know on her seventh birthday. According to her account, she was climbing a tree when she slipped and thought she was "falling to her death." The tree reached out its arms and saved her. A companion who witnessed the event testified, "I knew it was a peaceful tree."

Thus this embroidered retablo, recounting the event and offering thanks to the tree. The words on the pillow say: "Many thanks to the kind tree for opening its branches and saving me from falling to my death." 

Close-up detail

Close-up detail

And here is the little girl who was saved by the tree, with her embroidered ex voto pillow.

Still alive, thanks to a peaceful tree

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  1. so beautiful!
    she looks delighted to be holding your artful, dramatic! handiwork


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