Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pigeons Encounter Miracle Tortillas

I originally figured out how to create Miracle Tortillas back in 2010, and reprised them this past December for a holiday studio sale. Now, several months later, I am wondering what to do with the leftovers. These tortillas truly are miraculous in that they seem to stay preserved forever. I still have an original from 2010, perfectly intact. On a walk around Lake Merritt in Oakland, I decided to share the miracle with the pigeons.

I never did reveal the how-to secret for these Miracle Tortillas back in 2010, but have now decided to tell all. Note that Jesus isn't the only miracle in town. You may use any miraculous image you like, depending on what you find astounding, awe inspiring, or culturally iconic.

1. Choose and download a non copyright image from the Web. Resize it as needed using Photoshop or other graphic software. I also altered the image using a sepia tint at this stage.

2. Place multiple copies of your image on a single page in either Word or the page layout software of your choice (mine is InDesign).

3. Print image onto iron-on photo transfer paper.

4. Cut out individual images leaving a scant 1/4" border around the image.

5. Iron the image onto a tortilla by first placing a large piece of plain white paper on a hard surface, then the tortilla, then the iron-on image (face down), then another sheet of white paper on top. You will have to experiment with the iron temperature. Begin by following your photo transfer paper instructions, and then make slight adjustments from there. Don't get frustrated if your first tortilla or two tears away a bit on the surface; it just makes the tortilla look more like an ancient artifact. With a little experimentation you'll find the perfect temperature. You will need to change the top and bottom white paper fairly frequently.

6. To keep tortillas soft, place them individually into plastic sealed baggies. Even inside the bag they will slowly harden after a month or two. Once hard, they will last for years, or maybe forever.

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