Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Mega Terrific Fabuloso Advent Calendar Surprise Ball

One of many layers

It is a challenge coming up with a totally new advent calendar concept every year. Past attempts have included walnuts, beribboned bonbons, and evolving haute couture (click here to see efforts from years gone by).

This year the calendar revolves around the idea of an old fashioned surprise ball. You unwind the crepe paper streamer to find the treats inside. This time around the treats include the usual foil-covered chocolate coins, and an assortment of hand-painted tin ornaments from Oaxaca. The balls come with an English-Spanish translation sheet (e.g., butterfly = mariposa). The vision is that the recipients will savor the chocolate, decorate their tree, and learn a little Spanish as the month of December unfolds.

Hand-painted tin ornaments

Foil-covered chocolate coins

Each layer is a different calendar day, each is a different color, and each is decorated completely differently.  There are 25 in total, and you may peruse a sampling below.

How big is the final ball? Bigger than you head.


  1. Are these for sale? If so, how much might one cost, please? Thanks.

    1. So sorry, no - that's why the blog is called Stuff You Can't Have. You're encouraged to make a variation on this yourself, however. Go for it.


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