Friday, July 31, 2015

For the Love of Stones

Bathroom medicine chest installation: found stones

In this world there are those who love stones. Not special stones, not scientifically significant stones, not valuable stones ... just stones. They pick them up, they put them in their pockets, they have stones all over their house. I am one of those people. 

When plumbers arrived to tear out my bathroom walls, it presented an opportunity to resort some of my stones into new configurations while leaving others solidly in place. Here are the results.

New wall arrangement

Vintage, rusted scale; found stones; "pillow rock," once a San Francisco cobblestone, used for ship's ballast after the big 'quake and washed up on shore

Framed stone A

Close-up: found, rusted metal; stone; steel wire

Framed Stone B

Close-up: found, broken transistor; stone; knitted steel

Unframed hanging stone: found scrap metal, knitted steel, stone

Close-up of stone and knitted steel

Medicine cabinet installation: Stones on the Move and Bottled Emotions

Close-up: Bottled Emotions

Window arrangement: Pillow rocks, knitted steel, found stones, old branches and air plants.



  1. I love stones! I have quite a collection of pillow rocks pretending to be door stops.


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