Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stitched Selfies: Running with Scissors

Running with Scissors

A new Stitched Selfies series inspired by the long history of artists' self-portraits and the 21st century mania for selfies. The process involves new and old photos, photo transfer paper, Photoshop manipulation, free-hand drawing, and lots of stitching. This is the first in the series: Running with Scissors.

Close-up (click to further enlarge)

One half (the right side) of this self portrait is from an actual selfie - a photo of myself captured with Photo Booth. The image was then converted to grayscale and manipulated in Photoshop and printed onto iron-on transfer paper. Finally, the image was ironed onto a piece of silk fabric. The other half of the portrait (left side) was free drawn directly onto the fabric.

Stitched grayscale 

Stitched free-hand drawing

More in the selfie series is currently under way, using photos that go back in time and explore the nature of memories.

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