Friday, October 17, 2014

Creative Paranoia: Embellished Flu Masks

Flaunting a custom flu mask

About two years ago I tackled hand-stitched, embellished flu masks as a series of thematic art pieces suitable for display (see Fabulous Flu Masks). This current pass at flu masks was serendipitous and the result is a fun and easy DIY project that can take off in just about any direction that suits your fancy.
Free flu masks from Kaiser

On a trip to Kaiser for an annual checkup I spotted stations everywhere with dispensers of antibacterial lotion and free flu masks. Who could resist? The results are shown below. Wearing one of these could make the next trip through an airport a lot more entertaining. These may also serve as a cheap and easy approach to Halloween.

Cat (or dog) mask

The cat mask simply involves a black magic marker, a few scraps of felt, and a glue stick. The result is suitable for the disease-wary of all ages.

Ready to go through airport security

The next mask is an abstract of floating orange balls, fashioned from a salvaged, cheesy floral ornament, along with a little scotch tape on the inside to secure the wires. The result is satisfyingly alien and disconcerting enough to ward off fellow passengers.

Abstract, vaguely alien flu mask

This last mask, fashioned from old typewriter keys secured with a little silicon glue, is a bit more ominous.

"Stay Back"

Being perfectly clear

Try your hand at creating a few flu masks of your own. 

Taking a new passport photo


  1. I love your blog so much!

    1. Thank you so much Natalie, I really appreciate the feedback.

  2. This is truly hilarious! And very timely in more ways than your photos as well as the idea.

    1. Thanks Ingrid - clearly a like-minded sense of humor.


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