Monday, August 25, 2014

Bicycle Inner Tube Jewelry: Tour de France

The "Tour de France" wristlet

The third creation fashioned from a single bicycle inner tube. (Scroll down or follow this link — bicycle inner tube — to see the earlier two projects.) This wristlet was made by slitting vertically along one of the inner tube ribs and opening the tube out flat. A search through a button collection surfaced a handful of alphabet buttons and a vintage button depicting the Eiffel Tower. The image is on paper covered by a dome of celluloid.

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After cutting off a length that easily circled my wrist with a little left over, the ends were rounded off. The "Z" button on one end serves as an actual button to fasten the wristlet. A small slit on the other end cut with an Exacto knife serves as a buttonhole. Happily, the cut doesn't travel or widen no matter how much pressure I apply when buttoning the piece.

Buttonhole slit

The final wristlet in action:



The gorgeous vintage button that makes the piece

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