Sunday, May 4, 2014

DIY China Head Pincushion

This is one of two new assemblage pincushions. The other one (click here for DIY Baby Head Pincushion) was more successful in a utilitarian sense and that link includes all of the DIY instructions. The one below seemed like a great idea at the time but didn't really work out for a couple of reasons. I still think the seed of the idea is good but for now you can learn from my failure.

First step: smash head

Here is where tile cutters might have come in handy. I'm the impatient type so I just grabbed a hammer, smashed the top of the head, and hoped for the best.

Wounded lady in repose

The end product lies on its side because the lady's neck prevents the thing from standing upright. I thought the head in repose would be kind of interesting, but the sand in the pincushion settles and lolls to one side. All in all very irritating. She's going back in the closet while I think this through.

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