Friday, March 7, 2014

The Angry Mouse Club

Another upcycle in the Angry Mice series, and this time around there's a template so that you, too, can join the Angry Mouse Club. Yes folks, what started as an accident (see the first Angry Mice piece) has turned into a movement, and surely you are angry enough about something or other to want to join up.

Angry Mouse Club sweater

In this rendition Angry Mouse has gone upscale with a red cashmere sweater scored at my friendly neighborhood thrift store. Once home I discovered a tiny hole on the front of the sweater.

At about this time, I heard about the cashmere scandal coming out of China with the report that a number of Chinese factories were using rat hair instead of cashmere in their "cashmere" exports (see BBC News story). Upon inspection I discovered that the source of the thrift store sweater was indeed China. I'd say wearing a sweater you thought was cashmere that turns out to be rat hair is something to get angry about. I decided to cover the hole with another Angry Mouse. As a follow-up I decided to create the template and how-to instructions below so that others could join the Angry Mouse Club movement.

Template with complete how-to instructions

To join the Angry Mouse Club just download the template above to your computer and resize it to whatever size mouse head you want. The only materials you'll need are a few pieces of felt, a little embroidery floss, and a needle and thread, as well as a used piece of clothing that will be markedly improved with the addition of the Angry Mouse Club logo.

Angry Mouse created from felt

Stitched onto sweater

On this piece I just used the head and not the "angry mice" stitched words you see on the original Angry Mice piece. What you do is up to you. There is a lot of creative leeway in the Angry Mouse Club.

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