Sunday, June 9, 2013

Extreme Dodo

The dodo cuff

Another accessory for members of iDodo (the International Society of Dodos): the dodo cuff. This lovely enhancement for any wrist combines a number of strategies shown on this blog in the past.

We begin with a simple cuff, recycled from a thrift store man's shirt. The nifty thing about these cuffs is that you can trim closely along the sleeve edge with a sharp pair of scissors and you've got your basic cuff base, which can then be embellished. There is no need to finish the edge, it won't unravel. For earlier experiments with cuff embellishments see Repurposed Shirt #7, and Repurposed Shirt #6.

Trim cuff closely at edge where it meets sleeve.

This cuff uses fabric charms (shown in previous post, the International Society of Dodos), along with boro mending (see Extreme Mending: Uber Boro, and more Boro Examples).

The finished cuff. Click to see larger version.

The buttonhole on the cuff was enlarged to accommodate a bigger button by extending the opening with an Exacto knife and then doing a little rough buttonhole stitching.

Enlarged and stitched buttonhole.

A carved transluscent stone button was added. No need to bother removing the original button - it will be concealed when the cuff is closed. This is how a lazy and extremely practical woman sews.

New carved stone button added.

In the picture below, the fabric dodo charms are lifted back to reveal the underlying boro stitching. In this case, scraps of fabric (with edges unfinished for a pleasingly rough look) were sewn onto the original cuff using Japanese sashiko stitching. Again, you may read more about boro by going to Extreme Mending.

Underlying boro mending work revealed.

Photos of the finished cuff are shown below. If you want to attempt your own version of a dodo cuff, you'll find a link to a free downloadable template of dodo images for use in making dodo fabric charms at the International Society of Dodos.

Back of cuff

Side view

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