Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chalkboard Vinyl Pins

Pin made from tin can lid, pop-top tabs, medallion from an old medal, and little tool charms

The second in a series of experiments with chalkboard vinyl (see previous post or click here). This trio of pins was made using techniques outlined in the Tin Can Frames Tutorial on this blog. Here, instead of framing a picture, a piece of embroidery, or a bit of ephemera, I've framed chalkboard vinyl.

Three blank pins framing chalkboard vinyl

This means you can use chalk to write anything you want on the vinyl, changing the pin as the whim moves you.

The perfect message for international Pi Day. Pin made from broken rusted red clip, tin can, and broken jewelry.

The message below is in honor of a woman named Louise, who frequently opined that the world needs poor sports just as much as it needs good sports.

A "poor sport" badge to celebrate a noteworthy social moment. Pin made from tin can, pop-top tab, and old locket.

The pins can be used to convey your general attitude towards life on any given day.

You could also make a set of recycled, re-usable name tags. The possibilities are endless.

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