Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bird Watching Baffle Card

Here, as promised, is another version of the baffling little hand-cut, hand-stitched, and cunningly folded card technique used earlier in this blog to produce the diminutive shop called Wings.

The same technique is used here to produce an interactive bird watching experience. I've included a link at the end that will enable you to download a 3-page PDF with the card template and detailed how-to instructions so you may, if you wish, finally figure out how this card works and create your own bird watching experience.

Front cover: lady with binoculars. Card is tied with hand-painted Chinese ribbon.

Card tied with green ribbon so you can see the lady with binoculars a little better

Back of card

Opening the card up

View from one angle (as you view from different angles, you see different birds)

Aerial view

View from another angle

And now it is do-it-yourself time. Be prepared to cut, fold, stitch, and glue. I've uploaded a 3-page pdf to Google Groups. Click on the following link and download your free copy. You may only use to make a bird watching card for yourself or to give away. No commercial use or selling.

For free 3-page PDF to make your own card, click here or on link above.


  1. Thank you for the tutorial download & for the inspiration all through this blog.

    1. Thank you for commenting - nice to know someone is enjoying the work (and play).

  2. Thank you for such a different almost unrecognizable version of Wings with a special tutorial download. I love all your "stuff you can't have!" Hope I can have this, if I can figure it out now! BIG thanks!

  3. What a treat! Thank You for so generously sharing your creativity with us. Always leave here inspired!

  4. You're all very welcome. Nothing like a bunch of happy makers.


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