Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chemical Preservatives Mean Never Having to Say Goodbye

The Hostess company may be gone and Twinkies are now just a cream-filled dream of the past, but I'm here to testify that Wonder Bread is forever, thanks to a ton of chemical preservatives.

In memoriam to Hostess and all of its wonder-filled products, I'm posting a current photo of a slice of embroidered Wonder Bread that is now six years old. It has been sitting out on a shelf and while it could probably benefit from a little dusting, it is no worse for the wear. To see it and other slices when they were new, go to Wonder.

Other cool items in the photo include a vegetable ivory nut (atop the silver candlestick). Vegetable ivory, which comes from one island in the South Pacific, is used to make vegetable ivory buttons, including all US military buttons up through WW II.

There is also a thread cupcake that has been steadily growing over the last year (see Theoretical Cupcakes). To make your own thread cupcake (a supremely satisfying endeavor) simply save all little snippets of thread that you accumulate as you sew various projects, and collect them in a paper cupcake liner. The colors, shape, and density of the cupcake will change over time, but as far as I can tell I can just keep adding snippets of thread forever. I will be dead before this cupcake is done.

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