Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo Filter Window Treatment

Here is a quickie window treatment idea using tulle and photo filter swatchbooks for situations in which you'd like the light to pour in, but the view outside is nothing special. I got these swatchbooks of photo filters for free from someone who worked in a television station, but you can score your own for just a few bucks. Each swatchbook includes a wide array of colored polyester filters.

GamColor standard swatchbook - 4.5 x 1.5 ($4.50)

Musson - they say to call or stop by their showroom for a free swatchbook

I decided on a color palette and then mixed and matched filters from the two swatchbooks. To preserve the hole in each filter sheet, I sawed through the plastic bolts that holds the swatchbooks together. A single stitch through the hole secures each filter to the tulle curtain.

The new colored filter window treatment
The windowsill and interior edges of the window have been painted a pearlescent blue in accord with the new color palette.

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