Monday, July 30, 2012

Early Xerox Art

Back in the days before personal computers and scanners, geeky artist types used to hang out around the Xerox machine and experiment with what the technology had to offer. One experiment involved moving the original while the machine was scanning (resulting in a wavy, ethereal Buddha series that is now lost to time). Another experiment involved running separations of an image through a color Xerox machine and building up a color image through a series of single-color print runs. Some store owners were friendly, some were not. I can remember one color Xerox machine blowing out its very expensive bulb over and over again.

The technique used for the image below is pretty basic and simply involves laying various 3D items on the glass. For some reason, you just don't get the same effect when you try this with scanning.

click on image to enlarge

Materials for this piece included: brass bowling trophy; rusted razor blades found on the railroad tracks; watch innards; metal crap found on street or railroad tracks.

Makes me want to run to the nearest Xerox store.

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