Friday, August 19, 2011

Antimacancer: Soothing Lavender Whatnots

One of my favorite words is "antimacassar," the lace doilies used to cover the head and arm areas of chairs, originally invented to prevent gentlemen's hair oil (the Macassar oil) from staining the upholstery. The little whatnots below are a play on that word, and they have been dubbed "antimacancers." If you have friends or loved ones undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, you know how dismal those trips to a drab, chemical-smelling clinic environment can be. The solution? Give them a sniff of a summer garden to bring with them.

These little antimancancers are stuffed with freshly harvested and dried lavender. They can be pinned to a shirt or tucked under a pillow.

Freshly harvested lavender, drying out for a day or two.

This one and the one below can also be strung from a ribbon and hung around the neck

The more elaborate set of antimacancers that follow are made from bits and pieces of old handkerchiefs and broken jewelry.

This one incorporates a collages text/bird image ironed onto a vintage handkerchief scrap

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