Monday, June 13, 2011

Sleeping Stones

Decades ago I researched herbal lore to create a series of magic charms. The formulas were based on the wisdom and writings of Pliny, Shakespeare, Ibn Al Awam, Indian sages, ancient Saxons, war-weary crusaders, and countless wise and wonderful old women from Tuscany, Sicily, Greece, and far-flung corners of the globe.

I have combined that herbal lore with my fondness for stones to create these sleeping stones, stuffed with cotton batting and an herbal formula for "general magic and seeing fairies." The stones are made from recycled sweaters, T-shirts and fabric scraps. Keep a stuffed stone by your pillow, give it a squeeze as you go to sleep to release the herbal fragrance, and drift away. Make some stones of your own.

The Secret Herbal Formula for General Magic and Seeing Fairies:

Thyme: The scent gives us strength, courage, bravery. In medieval times it was believed that the herb enables you to see fairies and nymphs that live in fields and meadows. Prevents bad dreams. Brings happiness and well being. Refreshes a tired person.

Rosemary: Brings good luck, prevents witchcraft. An herb of Mercury. Leaves placed under the pillow prevent nightmares. Quickens the mind and prevents forgetfulness. In Hamlet, Ophelia to Laertes, Act IV, Scene V: "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance. Pray love, remember."

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  1. Your sleeping stones are wonderful! And I get the stacked stones =0) You are delightful!


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