Saturday, March 19, 2011

Moon Illusion Viewing Kit

Because the current super moon on March 19, 2011 offers such unparalleled viewing opportunities, we are launching an early release of the newest item in our false product line: the Moon Illusion Viewing Kit.

Why does the moon appear so huge on the horizon and so small up in the sky? No one, including astrophysicists or scientists, has been able to figure out what causes this illusion and neither will you. What our kit does is enable you to pierce the illusion and perceive reality: the moon is the same size no matter how huge a fat harvest moon may appear to be.

Front of Moon Illusion Viewing Kit depicting nighttime, shooting stars, and a closed eye.

Back of Moon Illusion Viewing Kit depicting eye open, piercing the illusion.

Back view of Moon Illusion Viewing Kit when opened up.

Front view of open Moon Illusion Viewing Kit, revealing super-secret moon viewing implements.

To pierce the mystery of the moon illusion, which has been recorded and puzzled over by observers for thousands of years, use one of the moon viewing implements. Any object about the size of a dime will do. Here, options include buttons, ten centavos coins from Mexico, and a painted rock. Choose one.

Strategic moon illusion viewing position.
Hold your button, coin, or rock as shown, extending your arm until the surface of the coin covers the moon. Try this when you see what appears to be a huge full moon on the horizon. Note the length of extension of your arm as you've reached a point where your coin fully covers the image of the moon. Later, when the moon is high in the sky and appears tiny, do the exact same thing again, extending your arm the same amount, and try covering the face of the moon with your coin. It fits! The moon is the exact same size whether on the horizon or up in the sky. You have pierced the moon illusion!

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  1. A much-needed laugh! Nice hand embroidery, I do love hand embroidery :)


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