Friday, April 23, 2010


In 1921 Elmer Cline came up with the name "Wonder Bread," inspired by the sight of hundreds of colorful balloons filling the sky during an international balloon race. The experience gave  him a sense of wonder and thus the name of the iconic American sliced white bread.

As an artist, I wondered how many different things I could do and make with Wonder Bread. The results are shown in the postings below (or above, depending on how you're reading this blog).


  1. Сразу видно, что голода этот мастер не знает... На мой взгляд, существует масса других материалов, на которые можно направить взрывы своей фантазии...

  2. Вышивка по хлебу...
    Ужасно и отвратительно.


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