Monday, June 6, 2011

Found Fairy Gardens

For those without a plot of land to call their own, try a pocket garden to lure sprites to your urban apartment. This project started when I found a piece of mossy redwood bark in the middle of my path during a walk in the rain.

Three tiny gardens.

Pebbles and a small stone create a fairy circle on a bed of moss.

This garden was created using a little recycled plastic box.  This is the atrium fairy garden.

Close the box and you have a fairy terrarium.

The redwood bark fairy garden.

Situated in an old Altoid tin, decoupaged with Chinese good luck paper.

Closed, it's the secret Chinese fairy garden.

A garden for seashore fairies.

Stalk of exotic grass with blow-away seeds
that may or may not be fairies in disguise.

Close-up of fairies. One breath and they're gone.
Can you spot the two fairies in
the redwood garden above?

Another fairy close-up. These ones look a little evil.


  1. was that walk taken saturday? during our fantastic june weather in the bay area?

  2. Why yes liz - apparently with the shift in weather due to global warming, the Bay Area had ended up being Seattle.

  3. Evil fairies . . . who knew?


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