Monday, October 4, 2010

Cereal Boxes

Here's a do-it-yourself project, complete with template. Note the template came from someone named Daren at peaceofpaper, but his Web site no longer exists (the new peaceofpaper is some sort of religious fanatic). He was giving this pattern away for free a few years ago, so I'm passing the template along here. His sample involved a lovely little gift box. I've converted that idea into an even lovelier recycling project using cereal boxes.

Just lift the image below off of this blog and onto your desktop and use it as a template (Important! Click on the image first, to view it at its full size, then lift that image onto your desktop. If you try lifting the smaller image below, you'll end up with a template that is too small. The image should be 7x9.806). 

With the pictures above, you should be able to use your native common sense to figure out how it goes together. Note - you will need to print onto a legal-size (14 x 8.5) piece of cardstock - or print onto normal paper in two sections and glue to the back of the cardboard you're using.  Enjoy!

And a postscript for lovers of nifty little boxes: follow this link - A Greener-than-Thou Advent Calendar - to a more recent post regarding how to make amazing little boxes out of recycled cardboard toilet paper tubes. Or try my Inside-Out Boxes technique for an easy, potentially gorgeous solution for making one-of-a-kind gift boxes.


  1. Terrific! I'll do more than cut my cereal boxes into postcards for Mail Art now. Thanks.

  2. That is too cute. Thanks for sharing :D

  3. I love this idea! But I just printed my template out and it looks smaller than I expected. Is each side supposed to be about 3"? And is this template meant for one side of the cereal box (so you can make two gift boxes out of one cereal box) or should it take up a whole cereal box?

  4. Yes, it's a small box. Make sure you're clicking on the image in the blog to get to the larger version, but it is still smallish. If you want it bigger, just resize it in any graphics software. And yes again, this takes just one side of a cereal box so you could make two gift boxes out of one cereal box (though the front of the box usually has the best graphics).

    1. Thanks so much! That's really helpful. About to make it!!

  5. Cool recycled box project! This was shared over at our Trash to Treasures group on Ravelry.

  6. Thanks for the great idea ! You can see my box here

  7. To "anonymous" who wanted to know how I got on Yahoo News. I have no idea - I wasn't aware I was on Yahoo news. I'm sorry but I'm not posting your comment since it has a blind link - I never open those or post them on this blog if I can help it. Feel free to repost with the full URL address so folks can see what it is, like Claudia did above.

  8. Thanks...I did this with printed card stock from Micheal's for the craft at the Senior's craft program where I volunteer. They were pleased with the results and even took extra pages to do on their own...which was a first.
    Hint: I cut out cereal box square templates for them to use to keep the circles in a square and it worked great!


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