Saturday, September 4, 2010

Repurposed Shirt #2

It's all about pocket power. Women's clothes didn't used to have pockets; men's clothes did. If you've got pockets, you've got power (and a lot of places to store your stuff). This little number combines two men's shirts from the thrift store, one red and one green. I wanted to create a sort of apron on the front.

The "apron" is attached to the shirt with vintage buttons and has a ton of pockets fashioned from the sleeves of the red shirt and portions of the green shirt.

Rear view (above). The body of the red shirt has been foreshortened in front and back. Back uses a strip of cloth from the green shirt for a border. Newly shortened sleeves on the red shirt are edged with material from the green shirt. How does this look when it's on? Pretty weird but highly utilitarian.

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