Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Making Friends with Crows: the Paper Bag Tapestry

For the past year or so I have been attempting to make friends with the crows in my neighborhood, based on the idea that if I leave them peanuts they will in turn leave me an assortment of bright, shiny stuff they have found or stolen.  I have big plans for that bright, shiny stuff, including assemblage and jewelry making, but so far the crows haven't brought me a damn thing. 

To while away the time while I wait, I stitched this paper bag tapestry called (unsurprisingly) "Making Friends with Crows."

I have grown very fond of crumpling, washing, and stitching used paper bags, with an occasional tea bag paper or candy wrapper thrown in. The texture of the paper bags is wonderful. For this piece I have left all threads emerging from the front of the piece, unfinished and unknotted. I think the flyaway pieces of random thread somehow capture the feel and movement of the crows' feathers.

The Tapestry
Note the peanut finials at either end of the rod used to hang the tapestry.

Peanut finials at either end of rod.

And now...

I continue to await the generosity of the crows.


  1. Terrific sensibilities. Like waiting for Godot?

  2. lovely tapestry - and I hope the crows get the idea!

  3. give them shiny things with raw peanuts,
    give what you want seems to be a thing understood by birds


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