Friday, April 24, 2015

Specimens: A Crystalized Assemblage

Specimen jar

Experiments in crystallization continue with the Specimen Jar, an assemblage of stitched leaves, mussel and scallop shells and a few feathers, all crystallized and arranged in a jar, the leaves floating in mid-air with the aid of a little magician's thread. For techniques and how-to's, delve back through the category titled "Crystallization" on this blog.

Crystallized feather


Spiral stitched leaf

Spine and border stitched leaf

Spiral leaf no. 2

Rib-stitched leaf

Shells and feathers

Jar interior

Jar interior


  1. Hi!

    Do you have to use glass or porcelain to submerge your object(s), or can you use a plastic/metal piece to submerge larger objects?

  2. Hmmm. I have always used glass or ceramics, but your question sent me on a google search. It appears that some people have used plastic, and it seems to work. I don’t know about metal, but I say go ahead and experiment. Why not? Good luck to you.


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