Monday, February 2, 2015

Reincarnation (de)Installation

Out with the old

During a recent frenzy of sorting and tossing, the piece above, installed in my dining room, caught my eye. It was titled "Reincarnation: What about the Cow?" (click on title to see full piece, including aerial figures) and completed about 20 years ago. I tore it apart without a second thought, stored the wood part of the piece for future recycled use, shoved some of the little people in my pocket and headed out into the world. Several days and several trips with a pocketful of little people later, I realized they were indeed being reincarnated. If you were walking around Lake Merritt in Oakland about three weeks ago, you may have spotted them. They all disappeared within a day of placement, onto yet another incarnation.


  1. I think you probably made the day of quite a few people... I, for one, would have been thrilled beyond belief!!

  2. Fajne ludziki też takie zrobię i w mieście pozostawiam ciekawe co na to przechodnie


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