Sunday, July 13, 2014

Crystallization Experiment #4: Shells and Rocks

Crystallized rock and seashells

Here are some odds and ends from earlier crystallization experiments (see Crystallization for earlier experiments with books, photos, and eyeglasses). I think the point here is that you can crystallize absolutely anything and the question is: What would look far more interesting if it was crystallized? I already have my next experiment in mind...stay tuned.

Once again the formula used is 3 tablespoons 20 Mule Team Borax (available in any supermarket) to one cup boiling water. Stir to create a supersaturated solution, immerse your object, and walk away. You'll have stunning crystals in less than a day.

Crystallized rock

If you're like me you tend to pick stuff up when  you're wandering along the seashore. Once you get home you empty your pockets and end up with shells and rocks scattered here and there throughout your house. Now you can crystallize them and while they will still just be a bunch of crap lying around your house, they will be very, very interesting and mysterious crap.

Crystals following their own path along a seam in the rock


Scallop shell with gorgeous crystals

Close-up: gorgeously fat borax crystals

Clam shell sporting a spill of crystals


The end.


  1. I am completely inspired and have a leaf in the borax solution as I write this. I'll link back to you from my site when I post about it. Many thanks for your brilliant voice.

    1. Great! That's what I wated - for everyone to plunge something into borax. I've just finished a miniature dress I'll be immersing later today.


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