Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spiraling Out of Control: Upcycled Shirt #23 or So

There is simply no better way to do a simple upcycle on a shirt than to add spirals. This is a cotton man's shirt from India called a kurta. The original version is long and plain. A globe-trotting friend gives me lots of these, and I find them the perfect blank canvas for creative stitchery.

The black fabric for the spirals came from chopping off the bottom segment of another kurta - the one I used to create The Astounding Magic Puppet Shirt. Strips of cloth are sewn into a long tube shape, then pinned down into a spiral.

Pinning down a spiral

The spiral stitched down

Tricky shoulder spiral

The almost-finished shirt

As usual I found the kurta just a bit too long, so fabric is chopped off the bottom and the piece is rehemmed to create the final version.

Completed front

Completed back

Try spiraling out of control yourself. To my mind spirals make almost anything better. They're also yet another handy way to hide a stain.

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