Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In Case of Emergency, Gut the Bunny

Hiding, secrets, and all of the deliciously covert maneuvers of childhood are incorporated in this piece involving an altered, hitherto innocent, stuffed animal.

Materials: Stuffed animal for fifty cents scored at a garage sale; scraps of fabric from a second-hand Tommy Bahama shirt that literally fell into pieces as I was wearing it (too much salt air?); embroidery floss; recycled little Trader Joe's tea mints tin; fragment from a rapidly disintegrating toddler's security blanket.

The original bunny (already slit from stem to stern — I just couldn't wait)

Altered facial expression using embroidery floss. Why so sad? It's not easy keeping secrets.

Altered torso

Gutting the bunny involved removing about half of the interior stuffing. Using scraps of the Tommy Bahama shirt, I created a simple pocket, shoved it into the bunny's interior, and blanket stitched around the edges. Two flaps from the Tommy Bahama shirt front were then sewn onto either side of the torso opening. 

Tin containing rare remnant of toddler's security blanket

Tin inserted into secret belly slit

Bunny with a secret

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