Friday, April 13, 2012

Bye-Bye Magic Talisman Reliquary

A reliquary is a container for physical remains such as bones, pieces of clothing, or an object associated with saints or other religious figures. Reliquaries are used by Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and other religions. In Central West Africa, reliquaries contain objects considered magical.

Reliquary box

Reliquary contents

In this case, a reliquary has been created to contain the most magical of objects: a remnant of the rapidly disintegrating security blanket of a two-year-old. The blanket (or "bye") has been clutched, fondled, and carried by the owner everywhere. It contains the power to comfort and soothe and enables the owner to travel to unfamiliar places and take peaceful naps. When it is goes missing, panic ensues.

The Making of the Reliquary:

Fragment of magical object

Preserving and sealing of relic

The philatory, designed to contain and display the relic.

The history and authenticity of relics often comes into question and tracing provenance is critical. In this case the history of the magical object and its original owner has been documented, and objects within the reliquary can be traced back to the owner's ancestors over five generations.

Photographic evidence of the magic object in use. The original object was hand-embroidered by the owner's grandmother, and was once used by the owner's father.

Beaded patch inside reliquary door was once the possession of the owner's great-great-grandmother.

Silver baby cup was given at the birth of the owner's great-aunt by the owner's great-great-uncle, and is inscribed with the great-aunt's name and date of birth.

Reliquary box was the possession of the owner's great-great-great grandmother.

Let the magic live on.


  1. What a wonderful way to keep a prized possession that has seen better days. It's very beautiful.

  2. How fortunate that your family had the forethought and love to keep so many generations of priceless mementos and their memories! And fortunate for your descendants that you've preserved some of them so artistically. <3

  3. perfectly delightful, what a family momento to cherish!

  4. I can imagine relatives handing mementos down from one generation to the next. The circle is unbroken.

  5. Please excuse me for using the Oh-Em-Gee phrase, but I just can't help myself: OMG! The is fabulous. :-)


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