Saturday, February 18, 2012

Upcycled Fortune Cookie Vest

Here's a basic man's suit vest, snagged for about $2 and then altered. Let me count the ways.

Front knit panels, vintage buttons

First, because women have breasts and most men do not, men's vests that otherwise fit tend to look to small across the bust.  I've added triangular panels of knitted material, stitching them inside the left and right front, letting them drape as they will. The second step, of course, is to switch out the buttons for something more interesting.

Close-up of buttons and knit draping

The fortune cookie element enters on the back of the vest. I composed my own fortunes on my computer (some borrowed from real fortune cookies, some from soothsayers I've encountered on the world travel circuit, some just made up). I printed those out onto iron-on transfer paper, and then ironed them onto silk fabric. The final step was stitching them onto the back of the vest.

Fortunes on back

Fortune close-up

And even closer

As a final optional adornment, I took a scrap of leftover knitted material and made a simple loop. This can be worn around the neck, altering the effect of the draped material.

With knitted cowl addition

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  1. What a brilliant the inner drapey sections


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