Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upcycled Man's Suit and Ties

When I was trying on this grossly oversize jacket from the dollar rack at the corner thrift store, I notice a woman nearby watching me. "I'm not crazy, I have a concept in mind," I told her. And indeed I did, but it was a lot of work.

Step One: remove arms, cutting in towards neck to make it more vest-like than suit-like.

Step Two, not shown here, involved taking in the jacket about two inches on either side, which in turn involved unpicking and restitching the inside lining.

Part of the appeal: pockets, pockets...

...and more pockets. Pockets are power.

Step Three: select two recycled men's ties

Pick apart stitching on back of ties, starting at narrow end and working about three-quarters down the tie. Remove tie interfacing to that point also.
Use one tie to edge each armhole opening, using one of the inner flaps for the inside of the armhole and the body of the tie for the exterior side of the armhole.

Completed armhole - tie continues up and over shoulder and becomes free hanging in front.

The result? A vest with a gazillion pockets guaranteed to baffle the average man on the street.


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