Friday, July 29, 2011

Found: Magic Lantern

This assemblage combines two pieces that have been knocking around my studio for years. The first is a beautifully rusted old candle lantern, the second a photographic glass plate image. The mirror at the back of the lantern, which reflects the light and doubles the illumination, was long gone when I fished the lantern out of a box of rubble at a salvage place, so in hobo tradition I substituted a tin can lid.

Old rusted-out lantern with tin-can-lid reflector

Lantern back, with hook for hanging from a belt

Tin can reflector in action

Lantern combined with glass plate photo image (in the dark, the image really glows)

Close-up of image (can you spot the woman by the fence?)


  1. lol cracking idea, what great fun.
    Now was she, or wasnt she, REALLY there?
    Or is this an apparation? !!!

  2. I love that idea. Wonderfully executed.


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